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High quality websites and custom solutions, built to take your business/organization to the next level.

About Me

Building The Modern Web

When I started developing websites using a new method called the JAMstack, I was thoroughly impressed with the performance, security, and scalability these sites had. Every site I've built with this stack has been incredibly fast, easy to work with, and overall amazing.

I decided to start developing these websites for other people as well so that they could take advantage of the modern web. By doing so, they save money on development costs, maintenance costs, and hosting costs. Whether it's a custom API, website, management system, or full-blown app, the benefits are clear.

Each website I build is optimized for speed, accessibility, and SEO, so you can reach more people through your online presence.

So what are you waiting for? Let's get your business a website.

What I Do

My Quality Pledge

When I develop websites and applications for people, I don't cut corners. I make sure their site is up to not only their standards but mine as well. If your site doesn't satisfy me, I'll keep updating it until it does.

These are my standards for every website I build.

Modern Design

With every website I build, I focus on a clean, modern design. I help you create your online brand by crafting a custom design system, unique to your business.

Painless Content Management

Simple and intuitive content management systems integrated directly into your site. I hook up every site I build to a content management system that makes it easy for you to update the content of your website.


Performance is at the core of what I do. Faster websites bring more people to your website, which is why I optimize every aspect of your website for performance.


Web accessibility ensures that users with disabilities will be able to navigate your website. I make sure my sites are up to web accessibility standards, so your business can keep up with what's expected.

Jarod is a talented, reliable, motivated, and dedicated engineer. His solutions are technically deep. I would definitely welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future, and I recommend him wholeheartedly.

- Dale McGrew

My Services

Web Solutions for Whatever You Need

From blogs, landing pages, portfolios, and full-blown applications, I've got you covered with modern solutions for the modern web.

Modern Websites

Blazing fast websites with an integrated content management system to give you everything you need for your online presence. Websites for your business, hobby, or personal project.

Custom Solutions

If you're looking to modernize your workflow, you've come to the right place.

I can develop custom APIs, user management systems, database tools, and more, all taking advantage of the serverless ecosystem. Less cost, higher performance, better business.

Ready to Modernize Your Online Presence?

Contact me for a quote and see just how fast you and your business can be on the web.

How I Do It

Your website, your decisions

I make sure everything I do receives a seal of approval from you before I start, and my attention to detail ensures the highest quality for your site.


Project Requirements

Before beginning work on your project, you'll provide me with the project requirements. Then, we'll discuss a timeframe for the completion of the project, and I'll give a quote.


Project Agreement

After the project requirements and timeframe are laid out, we'll put these things into writing with an agreement that both parties will sign.


Project Development

The meat in the project sandwich. I'll develop your website or application for you within the specified time frame. I'll contact you every week with updates, or if I come across something that you should be alerted of. You'll have a fully-functioning application before moving on to the revision stage


Project Revision

If you find something that I may have missed, or have another request, I'll apply small changes to your application or site until I've met all your requirements.


Project Completion

I give you your website!

After I've made any final adjustments and payment is collected, I'll send your entire website or application, along with full rights to the code and all the resources used.


Modern web solutions for you and your business.





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