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Your one-stop shop for your new website. Clean design, high-quality development, and dead-simple management

What You Get

Fully Optimized Websites for your Business

Managing your online presence isn't easy. Choosing a hosting provider, updating the content, and general maintenance takes a lot of time and consideration.

That's why I take care of all of that for you. With plenty of experience in the industry, I'll provide you with the tools you need to manage your site, without large overhead costs.

Web Design

Clean and modern websites that work on all screen sizes. I'll create a custom design system that's unique to your brand, allowing your business to stand out on the web and create a great user experience.

Web Development

Security and performance are always top priority when I'm developing your website. You'll get a website that's easy to manage and update, even on your own.


Save money with a hosting provider built for simplicity and performance. Your site will be simple to manage, and won't cost you anything until your online business scales.

Search Engine Optimization

After your website is online, getting people to it is the next step. I make sure that I develop your website with SEO in mind, so your audience can find you easier.

Jarod is easy to work with and delivered the results I expected.

- Pablo

What To Expect

Everything You Need For Your Website

When I develop your static site for you, I don't cut corners. I make sure your site goes above and beyond your expectations, without any hassle for you.

Here's what you can expect from your new site.

Custom Configuration

Usually, content management systems are set up to work for a wide range of websites. Because of this, they might not work for everything you want to do.

Using the CMS of your choice, I configure it to meet the needs of your site, giving you a smooth editing experience.


I know from first-hand experience that maintaing a website isn't usually easy.

That's why I make sure you're comfortable using the tools that I choose to use in your website. If you're not, I'll use something else that you are comfortable with.


Even with the simplest website in existence, things can go wrong. But they don't have to harm your business!

If anything with your website ever goes wrong or something happens, you can contact me and I'll help you resolve the issue at no extra charge.

Mobile Optimized

Over 60% of all website visits are now on mobile. That means that now more than ever, your website needs to function on all screen size, or you'll miss out on customers.

When I create your site, I make sure it looks just as good on mobile as it does on desktop.

Low Cost

Having a website doesn't have to be expensive.

When choosing the tools for your website, I choose ones that won't cost you any money until your website grows.

Maintenance Free

Most websites are hard to maintain, and need updating frequently with hosting or CMS updates. This can be a pain. That's why I create my websites using modern tools that don't require any moderation at all!

However, you're still able to edit your site whenever you want, giving you more flexibility for your online presence.

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